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Business Catalyst Web Forms Tutorials

  • Ultimate Search

    Perform 3 searches at once. Chad shows you how to run a Keyword Search, that will redirect users to a specific page if the search term is a keyword, if not then he will perform a Web App search with...

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  • Detecting If a User Has Completed a Web Form

    In this tutorial, you will learn an exciting method to detect if a user in a secure zone has already submitted a web form. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get their users to submit any additional forms...

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  • MailChimp Subscribe Form Plugin

    This handy little MailChimp subscribe form plugin will allow you to subscribe visitors to a MailChimp list as well as subscribe them to a mailing list in Business Catalyst. This plugin makes it easy to integrate with your default BC...

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  • Web Form Submission via Ajax

    Learn how to change a basic Business Catalyst web form from sending users to a thank you page, to allowing same page submission. Users will now see a "Thank you" message, and be allowed to continue browsing your site, without...

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  • Custom Math Form Validation

    Tired of the same old re-captchas making all of your forms look the same? There are plenty of options when it comes to form validation, but why change the whole form when you can just add your own captcha? Making...

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  • Multiple Attendee Event Booking

    Using Liquid and ajax to register multiple attendees at different price points to an event. Using this technique allows you to register each person attending so that each registrant gets the email series attached to the booking event.

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  • Custom SSL with eCommerce & Paid Forms

    Let's put to the test the new Business Catalyst release of Custom SSL on private domains using eCommerce and paid forms. UPDATE: read comments below for more details.

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  • Responsive Web Forms from BC Output

    In this video Chad goes over how to make your web forms responsive. BC out of the box will give your forms useful module tags so you can easily implement your forms on your pages/templates but the code that it...

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  • Email Marketing Personalization by Country

    This three-part tutorial will demonstrate how you can personalize your email marketing subscribe forms on your Business Catalyst sites based on what country the user is located in.

    Part 1: Learn how to automatically opt in users to your campaign...

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  • Submit Paid & Unpaid Version of the Same Web App

    Learn how to allow users to submit paid and unpaid versions of that same web app. This will allow sites to give users an incentive for signing up for a membership or newsletter, allowing them to submit their first web...

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  • Launching Different Workflows

    When working with web forms, sometimes you need to launch different workflows depending on selection the user has selected on the form. In this video, Chad shows you how to set up a form that will allow you to set...

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  • Ajax Login over Secure and Non-Secure Domain

    Setup a secure zone login form that logs users in with ajax on both the secure and non-secure domains. This is extraordinarily helpful on sites with secure zone logins to create a seamless experience for visitors as they navigate between...

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  • Shipping Address Select Widget

    Give your eCommerce customers the ability to choose from their past shipping addresses when placing an order. This plug and play widget makes it easy to add this functionality to any Business Catalyst checkout page.

    The shipping address dropdown will only...

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  • Autocomplete Web App Search Form

    Create an autocomplete or live search for a web app search form in Business Catalyst. Start showing users results in a box below the form as they begin typing. This technique can also be applied to blog and product searches.

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  • Updated Checkout UX

    In this tutorial, learn how to take your default checkout form and make it into something that your users can enjoy. They will have the ability to sign in and see their details, or just simply checkout while creating their...

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  • Custom Alerts

    Change and customize default browser alerts and make your own custom alerts using the plugin Sweet Alerts. Also, use the Sweet Alerts on custom links or form validation, and cart functionality. Chad will walk you through them all.

    Get more info...

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  • Better BC Forms Using Foundation 6

    This tutorial introduces the concept of customizing the default code output of BC web forms utilizing Foundation 6 markup. This will allow you to create better looking and functioning forms quickly over the default web forms.

    For more information about Foundation...

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  • Tracking Google Analytics Events on Web Forms

    Learn how to set up Business Catalyst web forms to send events and record as goals in Google Analytics. Tracking events and goals on your websites is crucial to tracking performance and running successful marketing campaigns. I'll show you how...

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