New tutorials covering BC.Next, Liquid, BC Apps and more.

Business Catalyst Web Apps Tutorials

Web Apps are what really sets Business Catalyst apart. See all our tutorials that have to do with Web Apps on this page. Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Web Apps in Business Catalyst be sure to check out the official BC Documentation and also see the Web Apps chapter in our Business Catalyst Foundations Course for Developers.

  • Web App List by Month Widget

    This awesome code is actually a port from our Module by Month Widget and was requested by several BC Academe members. This widget allows you to display Web App Item list views for the current month, or a specified number...

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  • User Disabled Web App Items

    There is no built-in way to allow users to disable their user-submitted web app items. But Chad shows us, where there is a will, there is a way. Showing you two different options for allowing your users to disable their...

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  • Site Search Enhancements

    Learn a workaround to the Business Catalyst bug that shows liquid in search results. Also, Scott will walk you through updating search results to have links with clean URLs instead of the default Business Catalyst links with parameters and IDs....

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  • Web App Detail View with Dynamic Category Navigation

    This tutorial will show you how to use Liquid to create a dynamic navigation for categorized web apps that is persistent across the list view and detail view.
    We've added a little bit of extra functionality using the latest version...

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  • Favorite Liquid Snippets & Team Sharing Code Snippets

    Learn about some of my favorite liquid snippets. These snippets might include some often used ones across projects, some hidden liquid markup that might not be well documented, or maybe liquid markup code that is documented but often can be...

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  • Dynamic Menu with Featured Links Web App

    Here's an intuitive method for integrating web apps and dynamic menus. In this case, we're going to be creating a single dynamic menu and outputting web app items, or calls to action, within each dropdown that correspond with that particular...

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  • Building Business Catalyst Sites With Components Series

    Two part series: Introduction to components & building components with web app and liquid

    Introduction to components – a new concept for building sites on Business Catalyst. Design and develop a collection of web components for your clients to use across...

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  • Web App Compare Functionality

    In this exciting new tutorial Greg will walk you through the process of how you can setup a basic compare functionality for your Business Catalyst Web Apps using the power of Liquid and jQuery.

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  • Glossary of Terms Widget

    Business Catalyst Widget that allows you to output a web app list of terms on your website with the ability to live search for keywords as well as list out all active alphanumeric characters to be able to click to...

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  • Dynamic Web App List with Category Navigation

    Here we have an implementation of a dynamically created web app list with category navigation. Use the powerful liquid approach provided to build a single-category filtering engine that displays classified web app items on a single page without the need...

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  • Web App Controlled Catalog Descriptions

    The Catalog functionality in BC is an essential piece of BC eCommerce, but customizing them can be confusing the average user. The default title and description field for your catalogs should always be setup to control SEO Page Title and...

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  • Submit Paid & Unpaid Version of the Same Web App

    Learn how to allow users to submit paid and unpaid versions of that same web app. This will allow sites to give users an incentive for signing up for a membership or newsletter, allowing them to submit their first web...

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  • Web App Data Source Tips & Tricks

    Revisit the web app data source field in Business Catalyst and learn the power of using this field to connect two web apps together. In addition, gain some new tips and tricks to utilize the data source field more effectively.

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  • Page Control (Header Control) - Tutorial Series

    Page Control will change the way you think about building your sites. Give you and your clients the ability to customize each page/template with ease. You'll never want to build a site without it again.

    This series is featured in the...

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  • Custom Web App List Pagination Using Liquid

    This tutorial provides an easy way to render custom web app listview pagination complete with previous and next buttons as well as a page jump dropdown that lets you get from page to page quickly. This is a mobile friendly...

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  • Social Share Meta Tags for Blogs / Events / WebApps

    Just adding social share buttons to your blogs/events/webapps isn't enough for social media sites to know and understand the different types of content on your Business Catalyst site. In this video Chad goes over all the different social meta tags...

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  • Web App Limit Plugin

    This plugin will allow you to easily output all web app items on a page regardless of the 500 web app limit. This solution is not recommended for all situations but is an easy and fast way to work around...

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  • Output Content By Device

    Learn how to output different content based on whether a user is on a desktop, tablet or phone. This is a simple and powerful technique to optimize websites for mobile devices and to tailor the user experience.

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