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Business Catalyst Templates Tutorials

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If you are interested in learning more about Templates in Business Catalyst be sure to check out the official BC Documentation.

  • Building Business Catalyst Sites With Components Series

    Two part series: Introduction to components & building components with web app and liquid

    Introduction to components – a new concept for building sites on Business Catalyst. Design and develop a collection of web components for your clients to use across...

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  • Sticky Product CTA Bar

    This cool enhancement for your product detail pages provides a contextual, docked bar at the bottom of the window that shows the product you're viewing, the selected attribute, price and an add to cart button. This is an intuitive way...

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  • Canonical Tag Built with Liquid

    Looking for an SEO boost? Chad shows how to use the canonical tag site wide. Making sure not to have duplicate URLs, Session ID, or multiple Protocols (http/https).

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  • Page Control (Header Control) - Tutorial Series

    Page Control will change the way you think about building your sites. Give you and your clients the ability to customize each page/template with ease. You'll never want to build a site without it again.

    This series is featured in the...

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  • Media Downloads List Using a Custom Template and Icons

    This tutorial will guide you through setting up your media downloads and displaying them using a custom template as well as replacing the default file type icons with a vector based icon font like FontAwesome.

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  • Output Content By Device

    Learn how to output different content based on whether a user is on a desktop, tablet or phone. This is a simple and powerful technique to optimize websites for mobile devices and to tailor the user experience.

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  • Video Series: Cookies and Liquid in Business Catalyst

    In this tutorial about Cookies and Liquid in Business Catalyst, we'll go over an introduction to what Cookies are and how they can be accessed using liquid in BC. Also, learn how to implement a JavaScript Cookie plugin. This plugin...

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  • Developer Level 1 Course Video Series

    The original developer level one course that helped developers around the world get over the initial learning curve has been remastered for on-demand viewing.

    This course walks you step-by-step through building a Business Catalyst website from start to finish.

    While some of...

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  • Installing a Lightweight Responsive Slider

    Learn how to implement a simple & lightweight responsive slider plugin in Adobe Business Catalyst using ResponsiveSlides.js

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  • Easily Manage Header Images Across Pages and Templates

    Control header images and page titles using liquid through a web app that allows you to specify unique header images across pages and templates.

    Be sure to check out an updated version of Header Control in our Page Control Tutorial...

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  • Calling Liquid Global Variables

    This quick video will show you how to call the global variables in Business Catalyst so that they can be used in both liquid and javascript/jQuery.

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  • Improve Your Responsive Web Design Workflow with the New Features in Photoshop CC 2015

    Learn about the new features/updates in Photoshop CC 2015 that will specifically help you better manage your responsive web design workflow

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  • Responsive Pages with Meta Viewport

    You might think that your website is responsive because on your desktop you can re-size the browser and your website changes. However, without deploying the meta viewport tag, mobile devices will not understand how to show your site and will...

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  • Add the Addthis Social Sharing Widget to Business Catalyst

    Learn how to implement the Addthis Social Sharing Widget into your business catalyst site to help connect you with your customers via Social Media. Gain valuable insight about your customers though its powerful analytic tools provided by Addthis.

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  • Google Analytics Business Catalyst Installation

    Learn how to install the basic Google Analytics Tracking Code on Adobe Business Catalyst websites. Google Analytics is a free website tracking tool that gives you better insight into your website traffic and visitors than the Adobe Business Catalyst reports.

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  • Google Publisher Markup

    Learn how to add the Google Publisher markup to your website to connect your brand with Google Search results.

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  • AddThis Social Sharing on Product Detail Pages

    Let customers share your products on social media and increase the SEO value of the page!

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  • Favicons: Creating & Installing For Browsers and Apple Touch

    Learn how to create and install a favicon across multiple browsers and devices: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Apple Touch Devices. Get a brief history on the favicon installation and best practices for implementing on modern websites. The video...

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