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Business Catalyst Security Tutorials

  • Custom SSL with eCommerce & Paid Forms

    Let's put to the test the new Business Catalyst release of Custom SSL on private domains using eCommerce and paid forms. UPDATE: read comments below for more details.

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  • Custom SSL and Secure Zones (HTTPS)

    Business Catalyst released SSL certificates for private domains today, June 14, 2017. Scott will walk you through how the new private domains work with logging into secure zones so you can start enabling HTTPS on your Business Catalyst sites.

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  • Ajax Login over Secure and Non-Secure Domain

    Setup a secure zone login form that logs users in with ajax on both the secure and non-secure domains. This is extraordinarily helpful on sites with secure zone logins to create a seamless experience for visitors as they navigate between...

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  • Member Lookup on Password Reset Form

    The default password reset form in Adobe Business Catalyst is great but has one drawback that will frustrate your users. Before sending a user a password reset email, the website should actually check to see if the person is a...

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