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Business Catalyst Media Downloads Tutorials

Learn advanced tips and tricks for utilizing Business Catalyst's built in Media Downloads module. Learn More

For more information about the Media Downloads module be sure to check out the official BC documentation.

  • Media Downloads List Using a Custom Template and Icons

    This tutorial will guide you through setting up your media downloads and displaying them using a custom template as well as replacing the default file type icons with a vector based icon font like FontAwesome.

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  • Secure Resource Files

    Setup a secure resource files page behind a secure zone and assign media downloads to unique individuals, companies or groups. In this Business Catalyst tutorial learn an easy way to develop and administer secure media downloads.

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  • Looping Over Web App Fields Using Liquid

    This liquid markup snippet of code is a lifesaver. Learn a technique we use on almost every project that allows you to loop over custom web app fields and data source fields to save you time on every project!

    In this...

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  • QR Codes Using Media Downloads

    Automatically turn your media downloads on Adobe Business Catalyst into QR Codes and get reporting on how often they are downloaded. This is great for businesses who have retail locations and would like customers to quickly scan a QR code...

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