New tutorials covering BC.Next, Liquid, BC Apps and more.

Business Catalyst 3rd Party Plugins Tutorials

  • Hero Web App with CTA or Video Modal

    Brian shows you how to create a flexible hero image section web app that can contain a standard button call to action or a YouTube/Vimeo video lightbox. This functionality is made possible through Liquid and the free, open-source Magnific Popup...

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  • MailChimp Subscribe Form Plugin

    This handy little MailChimp subscribe form plugin will allow you to subscribe visitors to a MailChimp list as well as subscribe them to a mailing list in Business Catalyst. This plugin makes it easy to integrate with your default BC...

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  • ?json=true Parameter and Glossary Terms Tooltip Use Case

    Learn about the ?json=true parameter in Business Catalyst that will allow you to capture all modules and tags from a page into a JSON data tree. I'll show you a use case for this with our glossary terms tooltip plugin,...

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  • Age Verification Popup Widget

    Create a custom Age Verification Popup box on your BC Site in minutes using this exciting new widget. In this tutorial, you will be able to download the widget's code, follow along with video instructions and get an advanced overview...

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  • Web App Detail View with Dynamic Category Navigation

    This tutorial will show you how to use Liquid to create a dynamic navigation for categorized web apps that is persistent across the list view and detail view.
    We've added a little bit of extra functionality using the latest version...

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  • Adding Uber and Lyft Buttons BC Widget

    This tutorial will walk you through a simplified process of adding Uber and Lyft Buttons to your Business Catalyst Site.

    This buttons are especially great for clients with businesses with physical locations (doctors, dentist, retail, etc).

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  • Extended eCommerce Custom Fields

    Have you ever wanted to add more custom fields on your Adobe Business Catalyst eCommerce products? If that answer is yes, then this exclusive chrome extension for you.

    This extension leverages the "Custom 4" product field in BC Ecommerce to automatically...

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  • Advanced FAQs Module

    In this tutorial we'll be taking the standard Business Catalyst FAQ's module and expanding upon it by creating categorized lists of faqs as well as generating a dynamic sticky anchor navigation to get to each section. This is all done...

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  • Media Downloads List Using a Custom Template and Icons

    This tutorial will guide you through setting up your media downloads and displaying them using a custom template as well as replacing the default file type icons with a vector based icon font like FontAwesome.

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  • Featured Product Carousel - Using Liquid and Slick Carousel

    Here's a simple implementation for a featured product carousel that uses native Business Catalyst functionality, some liquid markup and a powerful open-source plugin called Slick Carousel.

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  • Enhanced Web App Sorting and Filtering

    Create a better web app filter in Business Catalyst with this cool plugin packed with features. This Ajax driven web app filter includes a responsive filter select menu, customizable loading animation and fade transition. As well as a built-in load...

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  • Custom Alerts

    Change and customize default browser alerts and make your own custom alerts using the plugin Sweet Alerts. Also, use the Sweet Alerts on custom links or form validation, and cart functionality. Chad will walk you through them all.

    Get more info...

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  • Locations Web App Using Business Catalyst and Google Maps

    Here's an exciting tutorial that goes over how to implement a locations map web app complete with filtering and proximity search. It leverages the power of Google Maps along with some of the built in functionality of Business Catalyst Web...

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  • Responsive Foundation Photo Gallery Using Liquid

    In this video, we'll show you how to take the basic Business Catalyst Photo Gallery module and customize the functionality to be a responsive thumbnail gallery, using Foundation and Liquid Markup.

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  • Video Series: Liquid and Module_Data eCommerce Enhancements

    Video series showing how to bring more functionality to your eCommerce sites using liquid and module_data. Learn how to define the number of products to display in the list view as well as customizing eCommerce pagination and setting a price...

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  • Specify a Date and Time to Show Different Versions of Content or to Hide/Release Web App Items

    An exciting tutorial with numerous use cases for showing you how to specify an exact date and time to show different content based on if the current date is in the past or future. Also, release items or expire items...

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  • Advanced Adobe Typekit Installation

    Adobe Typekit enables you to use beautiful fonts on your websites. Using the basic Typekit install is simple and easy but you will receive lower scores on Google PageSpeed Insights due to its slower loading time. Learn an advanced way...

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  • Implementing a Responsive Lightbox and Replacing the Default Product Poplets

    Two part series on installing Magnific Popup, a responsive lightbox plugin, and replacing the default Business Catalyst product poplets with your own custom markup using liquid.

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