New tutorials covering BC.Next, Liquid, BC Apps and more.

Business Catalyst Dynamic Menus Tutorials

Learn how to build robust and customized menus in Business Catalyst at the BC Academe. Learn More

Learning how to build menus in Business Catalyst it incredibly useful. Our tutorials range from beginner to advanced topics that allow you to create dynamic menus that are easy for you to customize and also gives clients ways to easily modify them. For more information be sure to check out the official  Business Catalyst documentation regarding menus.

  • Dynamic Menu with Featured Links Web App

    Here's an intuitive method for integrating web apps and dynamic menus. In this case, we're going to be creating a single dynamic menu and outputting web app items, or calls to action, within each dropdown that correspond with that particular...

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  • Single Menu with Multi Column Output

    In this tutorial learn how to create a single dynamic menu that outputs multiple columns with headings, for footer menus for example. This makes menu management much easier for your clients.

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  • Expandable Menu Lists

    In this video, Chad takes you through the process of updating a long, unruly side menu to create an expandable menu so users have the option to view more. By using liquid instead of jQuery, Chad shows you how to...

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  • Liquid Menus

    Gain more control of your menus by breaking out of the module menu 2 file layout. In this video Chad guides you through creating a pure liquid menu, allowing you to easily achieve layouts otherwise needing additional work; may that...

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  • Auto Populate Menus with eCommerce Catalogs

    Delight your ecommerce customers by programming your menus to automatically pull from the list of eCommerce catalogs. This will not only save you time on the website build but will make it easier for your clients to manage.

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  • Selected Menu Items

    Learn how to add a selected class to menu elements so you can style the selected state. Allowing users to have a visual representation of where they are within your site.

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  • Developer Level 1 Course Video Series

    The original developer level one course that helped developers around the world get over the initial learning curve has been remastered for on-demand viewing.

    This course walks you step-by-step through building a Business Catalyst website from start to finish.

    While some of...

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  • Building a Social Media Menu using Icon Fonts

    In this tutorial we will go over how to create a custom social navigation using icon fonts in Adobe Business Catalyst. This tutorial is a progression of the video Creating Custom Icon fonts where we go over how to create...

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  • Change Content Based on Logged-in State

    Learn how to show and hide content based on whether or not the user is logged into the front end of the website. The liquid implementation is typically recommended over the css and js alternatives but we show you how...

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  • Release and Expiry Dates for Menu Items

    Use this jQuery snippet to set release and expiry dates for menu items. So easy, your clients can manage!

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