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Business Catalyst Widgets Tutorials

  • Business Hours Personalization Widget

    Our latest widget allows you to enter business hours into a web app and based on the current day and time let visitors know if your business is open or closed with the ability to display custom content or a...

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  • Web App List by Month Widget

    This awesome code is actually a port from our Module by Month Widget and was requested by several BC Academe members. This widget allows you to display Web App Item list views for the current month, or a specified number...

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  • Age Verification Popup Widget

    Create a custom Age Verification Popup box on your BC Site in minutes using this exciting new widget. In this tutorial, you will be able to download the widget's code, follow along with video instructions and get an advanced overview...

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  • Adding Uber and Lyft Buttons BC Widget

    This tutorial will walk you through a simplified process of adding Uber and Lyft Buttons to your Business Catalyst Site.

    This buttons are especially great for clients with businesses with physical locations (doctors, dentist, retail, etc).

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  • Glossary of Terms Widget

    Business Catalyst Widget that allows you to output a web app list of terms on your website with the ability to live search for keywords as well as list out all active alphanumeric characters to be able to click to...

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  • Automatic Discount Widget

    Using this new powerful new widget, create linkable product pages that automatically apply a discount code when a user enters the cart and display a message showing the savings. Installation requires only one line of code! In this tutorial learn...

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  • Module List by Month Widget

    This magical widget will allow you to display News & Events Module list views for the current month, or a specified number of upcoming months. Just upload it to your widgets folder and configure with a few lines of liquid.

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  • Cart Bundle Widget

    Using this widget, quickly create a custom button that will enable users to add multiple different eCommerce products to the shopping cart.

    **Updated to Support Automatically Adding Products from Feature List**

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  • Shopping Cart Indicator Widget

    Using this widget easily add a liquid shopping cart indicator to your eCommerce site within minutes. Download and Install this Shopping Cart Indicator Widget today!

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  • Easy Photo Gallery Widget

    Easily add a photo gallery using Business Catalyst's default photo gallery module. Your client simply has to upload photos to a folder, create a photo gallery in BC and that's it! Using the power of module_data and liquid markup this...

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  • A to Z Catalog/Brand List Widget

    New widget that allows you to output a dynamic list of all eCommerce catalogs or by catalog parent ID into sections by alphabetical letter. This widget also allows you to set up to 4 columns to display the A to...

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  • Responsive Floating Call to Action Bar Widget

    This widget easily adds a responsive floating CTA Bar with two buttons and a phone call button for your websites. It utilizes some smooth animations that only shows once you start to scroll on the page and then hides itself...

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  • Shipping Address Select Widget

    Give your eCommerce customers the ability to choose from their past shipping addresses when placing an order. This plug and play widget makes it easy to add this functionality to any Business Catalyst checkout page.

    The shipping address dropdown will only...

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  • Personalization Widgets

    Personalize the content that gets outputted on your website based off a user in the CRM without requiring them to login. Increase conversions and target visitors more specifically from email campaigns using these widgets and techniques in Business Catalyst.

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  • Off Canvas Cart Summary Widget

    Show products that are currently in a visitor’s cart with the ability to update quantity and remove products, as well as viewing the total shopping cart price. All of this without having to leave the current page they're on!

    This Business...

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  • Custom Web App No Items Message

    When your web apps are disabled or expired, having a "No items found." message is not the most UX compatible. In this video, Chad shows you how to change that message to be what ever best suits the web app...

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  • Randomize Multiple Web App Items

    Using the power of BC Widgets we have created the "Random Web App Sort Widget" which easily randomizes multiple web app items. In this video Greg showcases the steps to install and implement this widget. This is perfect for media...

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  • Content Localization by Country Widget

    This exclusive BC Widget allows you to show or limit content to users based on their location. In this tutorial we show you how to implement this functionality with static content as well as with web apps.

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