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Business Catalyst Blogs Tutorials

Learn the different ways to set up and customize Blogs in Business Catalyst. When building a blog there are many different things that to consider to choose the right approach to fit your needs. Learn More

On Business Catalyst there are two ways to create a blog: using the built in Blogs Module or by building one yourself by using Web Apps. Be sure to check out our tutorial that will help you decide which one is right for you. In our Blog tutorials learn some advanced ways to customize whatever type of blog you choose. For more information be sure to see the Business Catalyst Documentation on Blogs.

  • Social Share Meta Tags for Blogs / Events / WebApps

    Just adding social share buttons to your blogs/events/webapps isn't enough for social media sites to know and understand the different types of content on your Business Catalyst site. In this video Chad goes over all the different social meta tags...

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  • Battle of the Blogs: How to Choose Between the Blog Module and a Web App Built Blog

    There is not always an easy answer for choosing the right type of blog on your Business Catalyst website. In this edited version of the live Adobe webinar, Mike answers this question in detail and shows you how to make...

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  • Featured Blog List Image

    With the new Featured Blog Image field, you can easily add images into your blog post list and detail view. Follow Chad as he guides you along with this awesome feature, that we've been waiting a long time for.

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  • Developer Level 1 Course Video Series

    The original developer level one course that helped developers around the world get over the initial learning curve has been remastered for on-demand viewing.

    This course walks you step-by-step through building a Business Catalyst website from start to finish.

    While some of...

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  • Use Images in the Blog Post List View

    Learn a workaround for adding an image to the blog post list view in Adobe Business Catalyst

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