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Business Catalyst Site Settings Tutorials

Learn all about various options, tips, and tweaks to the Adobe Business Catalyst Site Settings. Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Site Settings in Business Catalyst be sure to check out the official BC Documentation.

  • Web App Detail View with Dynamic Category Navigation

    This tutorial will show you how to use Liquid to create a dynamic navigation for categorized web apps that is persistent across the list view and detail view.
    We've added a little bit of extra functionality using the latest version...

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  • Advanced FAQs Module

    In this tutorial we'll be taking the standard Business Catalyst FAQ's module and expanding upon it by creating categorized lists of faqs as well as generating a dynamic sticky anchor navigation to get to each section. This is all done...

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  • Pricing for Multiple Currencies Based On Exchange Rates

    In this video, learn how to quickly add pricing for different currencies based on current exchange rates using a custom excel spreadsheet import. This technique will save you save you enormous amounts of time by eliminating the painful process of...

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  • Transfer Site to Different Partner Portal

    Learn how simple it is to transfer a site from one partner portal to a another partner portal in Business Catalyst. In this free tutorial Mike Sallander walks through the process in under five minutes.

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  • Changing Domain Name

    Learn how to properly change a domain name the SEO friendly way in Adobe Business Catalyst. In this video Mike breaks down the process step by step, showcasing the best way to change a domain name with minimal impact on...

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  • Redirecting .ASPX Pages Using Javascript

    Business Catalyst is built on .ASPX and therefore these extensions are protected extensions, meaning that they cannot be 301 redirected. If you are building a new Business Catalyst website for a site that currently has .ASPX pages, you can at...

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  • Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking

    Never lose your session data again! In this tutorial, you will learn how to track visitors in Google Analytics across the version of your website. This means that you can correctly attribute sales on your website to the actual...

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  • Developer Level 1 Course Video Series

    The original developer level one course that helped developers around the world get over the initial learning curve has been remastered for on-demand viewing.

    This course walks you step-by-step through building a Business Catalyst website from start to finish.

    While some of...

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  • Send BC Email Campaigns From Custom Domains

    Wondering how to remove the domain from email campaigns? By default Business Catalyst will send emails from on behalf of your email address when the DNS is hosted externally. In this video, we'll reveal the benefits and steps...

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  • Use Business Catalyst Web Forms on External Websites

    This tutorial will show you the steps required to use a Business Catalyst web form on another website. This implementation will work if you use an external server or another Adobe Business Catalyst hosting account. This is practical for setting...

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  • Domain Wide Redirects for Domains with External DNS

    It may seem like Business Catalyst does not allow you to redirect domains with External DNS. With this trick you will learn how to do just that so you can avoid duplicate content issues for domains that need to have...

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  • Remove System Domains from Google Index

    Having multiple versions of your website indexed in Google can seriously impact your search engine rankings. In Adobe Business Catalyst there are always at least 3 versions of your website. Even when developers try to avoid these domains from being...

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