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Business Catalyst Site Search Tutorials

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If you are interested in learning more about Search options in Business Catalyst be sure to check out the official BC Documentation.

  • Ultimate Search

    Perform 3 searches at once. Chad shows you how to run a Keyword Search, that will redirect users to a specific page if the search term is a keyword, if not then he will perform a Web App search with...

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  • Site Search Enhancements

    Learn a workaround to the Business Catalyst bug that shows liquid in search results. Also, Scott will walk you through updating search results to have links with clean URLs instead of the default Business Catalyst links with parameters and IDs....

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  • Glossary of Terms Widget

    Business Catalyst Widget that allows you to output a web app list of terms on your website with the ability to live search for keywords as well as list out all active alphanumeric characters to be able to click to...

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  • Site Search Exclusions

    Here's a quick and easy technique for excluding certain types of content in your site search by appending the search form action URL. When creating a site search in BC, you have the option only searching through a specific content...

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  • Autocomplete Web App Search Form

    Create an autocomplete or live search for a web app search form in Business Catalyst. Start showing users results in a box below the form as they begin typing. This technique can also be applied to blog and product searches.

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  • Developer Level 1 Course Video Series

    The original developer level one course that helped developers around the world get over the initial learning curve has been remastered for on-demand viewing.

    This course walks you step-by-step through building a Business Catalyst website from start to finish.

    While some of...

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  • Google Analytics Site Search Series

    Learn how to track site searches in Adobe Business Catalyst. This information can be used to improve your content, improve usability, discover new product offerings, and drive more traffic.

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