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Our Instructors

Michael Sallander

Michael Sallander

President & Co-Founder

Chicago Digital

Mike Sallander loves solving problems; making the world of web development a natural fit for him as he creates solutions rapidly, while quickly and continuously improving upon them. With a belief that anything is possible, Mike is perpetually learning and pushing his skills. Mike first discovered the Adobe Business Catalyst platform in November, 2009 and fell in love. It is rare that a piece of software evoked so much excitement. The excitement stemmed not only from the improved capabilities and speed for developers, but more importantly, that his customers now had a platform to propel their business forward. Mike’s BC experience has spanned sales, consulting, project management, website design, website development, online marketing, training and support.

Graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Business with a major in Management Information Systems and minor in Technology & Management, Mike has a diverse educational background combining the fields of Business and Engineering. He was the only student in the history of his high-school to have taken 2 AP computer science courses: learning the languages of C++ and Java at an early age. In high-school, beyond the classroom, he taught himself HTML, CSS, RTML (proprietary language used for Yahoo Stores), and later PHP (in college).

Mike Sallander is an active Adobe Community Leader and leads the Chicago Adobe Business Catalyst User Group along with Scott Shefler. He is active in the Adobe BC community both on and offline. He actively contributes content to the BC Gurus community and speaks at industry events. You can find him on Twitter @mikesallander