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Our Instructors

Greg Pace

Greg Pace

Product Manager & Project Manager

Chicago Digital

Greg got his start developing websites in sixth grade through building out many "clan/team" websites for some of his favorite online games such as, Counter-Strike: Source, which quickly became a passion of his.

He found Chicago Digital during his Sophomore year of school at University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign. In that time his natural ability to troubleshoot and get things done quickly made him an integral member of the Chicago Digital team.


During this time at Chicago Digital he learned all the ins and outs of Business Catalyst and has been responsible for editing/publishing many tutorials. He also put together the remastered version of the Developer Level 1 Course Series and has been hard at work producing other new courses.

Greg being Product Manager of BC Academe makes sure that tutorials go out on time, handles support tickets and even creates tutorials of his own.