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Our Instructors

Chad Smith

Chad Smith

Front-End Developer

Chicago Digital

Chad Smith is a talented Front-end Developer, with six years of experience with Business Catalyst. He started his impressive resume at Hot Press Web and BC Gurus; now he is with the team at Chicago Digital. His passion and excitement for teaching others about using Business Catalyst is apparent in his extensive library of video tutorials and courses; ranging in difficulty to be useful for both new and experienced BC users.  

Among the top of his class at the Art Institute of Colorado, Chad has a passion for creativity and anything web. He has said that one of the most fulfilling parts of being a web developer is taking a someone’s idea and transforming it into a fully functional website - tailored to each client’s needs. He enjoys the fact that the field is ever-changing, and that it pushes him to constantly be learning new technologies and techniques.

Chad’s goal as an instructor at the BC Academe is to teach students the skills he has picked up through experience, in a clear and digestible way, giving them the confidence to try new things and take their skills to the next level.