New tutorials covering BC.Next, Liquid, BC Apps and more.

Business Catalyst JavaScript and jQuery Tutorials

  • Submit Paid & Unpaid Version of the Same Web App

    Learn how to allow users to submit paid and unpaid versions of that same web app. This will allow sites to give users an incentive for signing up for a membership or newsletter, allowing them to submit their first web...

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  • Expandable Menu Lists

    In this video, Chad takes you through the process of updating a long, unruly side menu to create an expandable menu so users have the option to view more. By using liquid instead of jQuery, Chad shows you how to...

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  • Custom Web App List Pagination Using Liquid

    This tutorial provides an easy way to render custom web app listview pagination complete with previous and next buttons as well as a page jump dropdown that lets you get from page to page quickly. This is a mobile friendly...

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  • Web App Limit Plugin

    This plugin will allow you to easily output all web app items on a page regardless of the 500 web app limit. This solution is not recommended for all situations but is an easy and fast way to work around...

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  • Launching Different Workflows

    When working with web forms, sometimes you need to launch different workflows depending on selection the user has selected on the form. In this video, Chad shows you how to set up a form that will allow you to set...

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  • Create a Custom Twitter Feed (Updated)

    **This tutorial has been updated to reflect a change in the latest Twitter API as of December 2016.

    In this tutorial, Brian shows you how to easily create a customizable twitter feed for your Business Catalyst sites with minimal effort. No...

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  • Modify the Invoice Date Tag on Packing Slip

    By default {tag_invoicedate} displays date formating "28-November-2016" on Invoice Layout. On the packing slip it displays a different format "11/28/2016 9:00:00 AM" which doesn't make sense for people in UK… or for anyone who wants to customize this. Using JavaScript...

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  • Ajax Login over Secure and Non-Secure Domain

    Setup a secure zone login form that logs users in with ajax on both the secure and non-secure domains. This is extraordinarily helpful on sites with secure zone logins to create a seamless experience for visitors as they navigate between...

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  • Responsive Floating Call to Action Bar Widget

    This widget easily adds a responsive floating CTA Bar with two buttons and a phone call button for your websites. It utilizes some smooth animations that only shows once you start to scroll on the page and then hides itself...

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  • Basic Web App Sorting and Filtering

    In this video, Chad shows a very simple way to sort and filter web apps with a couple of drop down menus. This is an easy way to allow your users to sort the output of your web app items.

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  • Infinite Load for eCommerce Products | Pagination

    In this week’s pro tutorial learn how to implement and customize a “load more” button, sometimes referred to as an “Infinite List” or “Auto load” on Business Catalyst eCommerce Products on Catalog pages.

    This method is easy to implement and is...

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  • Shipping Address Select Widget

    Give your eCommerce customers the ability to choose from their past shipping addresses when placing an order. This plug and play widget makes it easy to add this functionality to any Business Catalyst checkout page.

    The shipping address dropdown will only...

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  • Updated Checkout UX

    In this tutorial, learn how to take your default checkout form and make it into something that your users can enjoy. They will have the ability to sign in and see their details, or just simply checkout while creating their...

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  • Featured Product Carousel - Using Liquid and Slick Carousel

    Here's a simple implementation for a featured product carousel that uses native Business Catalyst functionality, some liquid markup and a powerful open-source plugin called Slick Carousel.

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  • Secure Zone Re-Authentication Tweaks

    Business Catalyst updated the secure zone edit details form requiring re-authentication when a user updates their important details such as email address or password. Unfortunately this was released with some major flaws. Watch this tutorial to learn how to make...

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  • Personalization Widgets

    Personalize the content that gets outputted on your website based off a user in the CRM without requiring them to login. Increase conversions and target visitors more specifically from email campaigns using these widgets and techniques in Business Catalyst.

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  • Enhanced Web App Sorting and Filtering

    Create a better web app filter in Business Catalyst with this cool plugin packed with features. This Ajax driven web app filter includes a responsive filter select menu, customizable loading animation and fade transition. As well as a built-in load...

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  • Custom Alerts

    Change and customize default browser alerts and make your own custom alerts using the plugin Sweet Alerts. Also, use the Sweet Alerts on custom links or form validation, and cart functionality. Chad will walk you through them all.

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