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Business Catalyst eCommerce Tutorials

Learn advanced techniques and tricks for Building eCommerce websites in Business Catalyst. Learn More

Our wide variety of eCommerce tutorials will help you tweak and customize your Business Catalyst online shops and take them to the next level. Our easy to follow tutorials will help you understand and create better shopping experiences for your clients and customers. By improving the overall Business Catalyst shopping experience these tutorials help drive more sales to your eCommerce sites.

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  • Cart Bundle Widget

    Using this widget, quickly create a custom button that will enable users to add multiple different eCommerce products to the shopping cart.

    **Updated to Support Automatically Adding Products from Feature List**

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  • Shopping Cart Indicator Widget

    Using this widget easily add a liquid shopping cart indicator to your eCommerce site within minutes. Download and Install this Shopping Cart Indicator Widget today!

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  • Pricing for Multiple Currencies Based On Exchange Rates

    In this video, learn how to quickly add pricing for different currencies based on current exchange rates using a custom excel spreadsheet import. This technique will save you save you enormous amounts of time by eliminating the painful process of...

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  • A to Z Catalog/Brand List Widget

    New widget that allows you to output a dynamic list of all eCommerce catalogs or by catalog parent ID into sections by alphabetical letter. This widget also allows you to set up to 4 columns to display the A to...

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  • Modify the Invoice Date Tag on Packing Slip

    By default {tag_invoicedate} displays date formating "28-November-2016" on Invoice Layout. On the packing slip it displays a different format "11/28/2016 9:00:00 AM" which doesn't make sense for people in UK… or for anyone who wants to customize this. Using JavaScript...

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  • Using the module_json Module

    In this video, Chad runs through the advantage of an otherwise unknown module. Using the module_json module could be very advantageous; in this case, we see how you can save custom fields for products and utilize this powerful module.

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  • Infinite Load for eCommerce Products | Pagination

    In this week’s pro tutorial learn how to implement and customize a “load more” button, sometimes referred to as an “Infinite List” or “Auto load” on Business Catalyst eCommerce Products on Catalog pages.

    This method is easy to implement and is...

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  • Shipping Address Select Widget

    Give your eCommerce customers the ability to choose from their past shipping addresses when placing an order. This plug and play widget makes it easy to add this functionality to any Business Catalyst checkout page.

    The shipping address dropdown will only...

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  • Updated Checkout UX

    In this tutorial, learn how to take your default checkout form and make it into something that your users can enjoy. They will have the ability to sign in and see their details, or just simply checkout while creating their...

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  • Featured Product Carousel - Using Liquid and Slick Carousel

    Here's a simple implementation for a featured product carousel that uses native Business Catalyst functionality, some liquid markup and a powerful open-source plugin called Slick Carousel.

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  • Personalization Widgets

    Personalize the content that gets outputted on your website based off a user in the CRM without requiring them to login. Increase conversions and target visitors more specifically from email campaigns using these widgets and techniques in Business Catalyst.

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  • Custom Alerts

    Change and customize default browser alerts and make your own custom alerts using the plugin Sweet Alerts. Also, use the Sweet Alerts on custom links or form validation, and cart functionality. Chad will walk you through them all.

    Get more info...

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  • Off Canvas Cart Summary Widget

    Show products that are currently in a visitor’s cart with the ability to update quantity and remove products, as well as viewing the total shopping cart price. All of this without having to leave the current page they're on!

    This Business...

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  • Recently Viewed Products Widget

    Implement a BC Widget that allows you to display recently viewed products to visitors of your site. This widget offers you full control over the product list outputs, how many products to show, as well as the ability to specify...

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  • Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking

    Never lose your session data again! In this tutorial, you will learn how to track visitors in Google Analytics across the version of your website. This means that you can correctly attribute sales on your website to the actual...

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  • eCommerce Shopping Cart Tweaks

    With these quick tweaks, drastically increase the user experience and help convert sales of customers in the shopping cart. This tutorial will walk you through some of the common complaints with the Business Catalyst shopping cart experience and how to...

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  • Video Series: Liquid and Module_Data eCommerce Enhancements

    Video series showing how to bring more functionality to your eCommerce sites using liquid and module_data. Learn how to define the number of products to display in the list view as well as customizing eCommerce pagination and setting a price...

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  • Auto Populate Menus with eCommerce Catalogs

    Delight your ecommerce customers by programming your menus to automatically pull from the list of eCommerce catalogs. This will not only save you time on the website build but will make it easier for your clients to manage.

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