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What Past Students Have to Say About the BC Academe

"Truly enjoyed the training, and gained new knowledge that has made me a stronger developer for BC! Ready to start level 2 with these guys." — Chris Brown
"Boy, I'm not sure I have anything I liked "the least". I came into this course wanting to learn "under the covers" on BC and I did." — Dale Aychman
"This has been an excellent course, and provides me with a great understanding of working with Business Catalyst. Prior to taking the course I had set up a few sites and worked with templates, but I feel confident now that I can take a site from scratch to fully implemented on Business Catalyst." — Dave Haggblad
"BCAcademe has done it again, their level 2 developer course felt like a natural extension of the skills I learned in level 1. The course helped me build confidence that I can deliver [websites] profitably." — Dave Haggblad
"I appreciated the level of organization that this training course contained. Having access to previously recorded Webinars and associated files is very handy." — David Eade
"I enjoyed the entire course and feel I am leaving with a great understanding of Business Catalyst. Enough to go forward and create sites of my own. The weekly homework gave you helpful experience on how to work with BC. The homework also kept you thinking about BC multiple times throughout the week." — David Radick
"Mike Sallander oozes with patience and his passion for the work. Like to add how wonderfully helpful Mike, Scott and Jeri have been, they know their stuff. Without them I wouldn't have a clue how to navigate through the BC system." — Deborah Castelane
"We learned alot and enjoyed the process gained a better understanding about modules & content holders" — Heather Huddleston
"The course was very nicely organized and the support from the lecturers was great. Great course well worth the money for the knowledge gained." — Hugo Costa
"The BC Academe offers a very intensive and thorough introduction to the capabilities of the Adobe Business Catalyst system. Not only does the coursework cover Business Catalyst but also includes some great advice and best practices for overall web design and development." — Jeff Tucker
"Business Catalyst is an empowering system for web designers. The Academe is an excellent hands on way to familiarize yourself with the system. The feedback and support from instructors outside of the classes is excellent. I highly recommend the course for anyone looking to learn how to use Business Catalyst." — Jessica Michels
"I think this was perfect for new to BC people. Complex subject was broken down so that even someone such as myself (who has little to no experience) can accomplish this and feel comfortable with what they learned." — JJ Bragg
"The assignments were very involved and well thought out. The instruction was top notch." — Joe Hale
"Mike and Scott were clear and concise with each of the instructional webinars I attended. The weekly assignments were easy to follow and well thought out." — Jordan Lucas
"My first attempts to use Adobe BC on my own were not successful, as the learning curve was way too slow and tedious for me. Then I discovered Mike Sallander and Scott Shefler... and because they were willing to walk me through some basic fundamentals of the platform, I became comfortable with it for the first time, and began to see the opportunities ahead of me." — Karen Dippel
"I’ve built a few websites in BC and myself and my clients have all been stoked with the final product. I loved how BC Academe covered all the bases. Overall an un-beatable value for money." — Laura Bonomo
"What I liked best was that Mike was always engaged in what he was teaching. Whenever someone had a question or didn't understand he always made sure they understood before continuing." — Laura Bonomo
"I highly recommend this course to every BC partner. Regardless of experience, I am sure that everyone can learn more about BC through this course." — Pauline Kraus
"I am really pleased to have learnt so much about BC and Dreamweaver in such a short time. The webinar/assignment model, commication and feedback is particularly effective. Looking forward to the next course." — Peter Medbury
"The course structure & its presentation show and explain the BC Integration very nicely. Student questions & the way Mike answered provided extra depth and meant that some really interesting and useful functionality was explored. We'd have missed a lot if it was more regimented." — Peter Medbury
"I found this course to be hugely beneficial to advancing my BC skills. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is new to business catalyst or anyone wanting to further advance their skills. Thank you so much BCAcademe, you did a great job" — Rhea Lyons
"Don't come to this class expecting fluff - it's a hands on, nuts and bolts course that makes navigating a BC build much easier to do!" — Sharen Saf
"The combination of all the provided elements, such as the template, content doc, assets, and webinar all "fit together" very well to convey the information effectively." — Steven Gerena
"Mike was extremely helpful, positive and answered questions in the most detailed way possible. Highly suggest the BC Acadame course!" — Taylor Stallman
"I can highly recommend BC Academe to everyone interested to learn the principles of the BC platform. During the course I built up a complete website with the most used functionalities offered by the Business Catalyst platform - step by step and with excellent feedback and support by the instructors. After completing the course you feel ready to move on and to dive deeper into the more advanced topics of BC development." — Thomas von Miller
"As a continuation to the Level 1 course - and also based on a real world example - this Level 2 course has been a great trip through the more advanced topics in Business Catalyst development! E-Commerce, User Submitted Web Apps, Forums, Ad Rotators, Email Marketing, etc. … all my remaining questions/topics regarding the creation of really powerful web applications have been answered." — Thomas Von Miller
"On a scale of 1 to 10 you guys are a 9.55! I believe, that's pretty good!" — Xavier Caceres

About Us

The BC Academe is the first and only structured learning resource for the Adobe Business Catalyst community.

Our first developer program is perfect for both new BC Partners and existing BC Developers interested in gaining a thorough understanding of building BC websites.

The BC Academe takes you beyond just copying and pasting code. We will teach you how to think like an expert BC developer.

Stay on the lookout for more exciting programs and resources coming your way from the BC Academe.

What You'll Learn

  • Build a complete BC website
  • Dreamweaver CS6 and Creative Cloud Integration
  • Convert HTML/CSS into BC templates
  • Build dynamic menus
  • Properly set up the Site Editor
  • Build & Customize Web Forms
  • Basic Web App Development
  • CRM configuration and Usage
  • SEO for BC basics
  • Taking Websites Live
  • and more...

Student must have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Javascript and jQuery knowledge is a plus but not necessary.

Who This is For

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